Be Willing Be Good in 2017

A New Year of 2017 has begun and every year that you live, can have many different areas, and circumstances of how you are to live day by day; and require you to act a good way each minute of each day Luke 2:14c. Kjv. bible says “good will toward men.” We need to be willing everyday to be good to others of who we see or come into contact with; telling strangers to have a good or nice day. Telling your brothers and sisters in Christ to have a blessed day; you can also say this to strangers too. Have a good willing attitude all the time; don’t fuss with anyone, don’t be hateful, mean or spiteful, Romans 12:21 Kjv. Bible says “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” So where’ever place we are always be good and do good in all the places you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you ever can do all the good you can. A man by the last name of Wesley wrote this and made a hymn out of it. I call this a model hymn of instruction of helping people to have a good attitude to be,do,live, good here on god’s earth and within god’s world in all places and all of the time.Brothers and sisters in Christ, and all indiviuals be willing at the beginning of this year and to the end of this year to live by the Wesley model hymn of goodness and god’s holy word. In the back of bibles is a concordance look up the word good and it has many scripture listings that help you to learn about how important the word ‘good’ really is in the bible and how god’s holy word helps individuals to change that are evil people who have evil attitudes, evil ways, who are so bad, mean, backbiting, spiteful, stubborn, hateful, abusive people. So they can become good individuals. So people of God’s earth “Be Willing be good” in 2017, and begin with being good to a family member or friend, or neighbor or stranger and by always being good you are blessing others and God himself, and yourself. The Good God of heaven, in the good kingdom is blessed all the way around. The End.


Inspiration Call-October 23rd A Brisk Wind

Autumn Explosion

An ‘autumn explosion arrived with leaves

Which ‘covereth the front also back yards

Five trees are still half-way full of leaves

Thence’ more leaves will fall in the yards

Until there is no more leaves in the trees

Their changing from leafy to barren’ trees

Hillish’ bank topped in pretty purple thrift

Miniature lavender flowers’ lord god’s gift

The big’ large red leaves mostly shine out

Fromal the yella’ leaves around also about

Leaves alain’ over dim green grass on top

All rabbits in posterior’ yard enjoy hip-hop

In fallen leaves of god’s dew-filled ground

Squirrels pick-up eat pecans on wet ground

Thus’ the yards are full of nuts also leaves

The ground tis loaded in millions of leaves

Three to four colors sometimes more color

Alas’ evermore just one single fitting color

As northwinds blow shaking the trees bare

Causing a autumn explosion grounds’ ware

By:  Meshelle  Brown

The poem does mention the word wind in it.

Poetry Prompt Oct 22nd Squirrel


Now in the front yard one autumn afternoon

Leaves laying everywhere a leafy’ strewn

Is one squirrel standin’ underneath a tree

Then climbing fast within a chestnut tree

Thus’ going from branch to branch quick

Chestnuts lays thence all over the ground

Babby squirrel nibbling on a nut it found

Within the neighbor’s yard from next door

And upon gods tender warm day to adore

Nine black birds and babies are astanding

Within the back yard walking and looking

And baby squirrel’s tummy is full of nuts

Sets in tree sees them chestnuts

The people under tree pickin’ up chestnuts

None will be ‘over looked nor shall forget

Picking em’ and dropping em’ into bucket

Now proud to have a nutless clean ground

Of this very same time’ all the year round

By: Meshelle Brown


Autumn afternoon from “AUTUMN AND WINTER’.

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Well happy reading everyone. Sincerely yours Meshelle Brown



I believe in god

Even when he is silent

God created me

God is silent to a lot of people in the world but that doesn’t mean they don’t believe

in him. I’ve went to god’s church since I was a little baby and up to half a century.

Include god in your life by praying, and reading your bible, read religious magazines

from your local church, buy books from a Christian book store to read. buy and listen

to gospel, contemporary gospel music, bible teachings, preaching from your local

church, buy t-shirts from your local church with Christian sayings on them. The most

inexpensive ways to believe in god would be tell him in prayer and read his holy word;

and watch religious channels on television. And stick to buying preaching CD’s from

your local church, their not much.  I believe in god and believe he created me and I believe

in him even when he is silent; like what the haiku poem says above. Another inexpensive

way to find books about god is thrift stores and yard sales. But also believe in god when

he isn’t silent too, when he speaks to you, there’s scripture in his holy word that tells

how he spoke to people in bible days. The Pentecostal churches know when god speaks

to them; The other churches do too. Not only believe in god; but love god with all your

heart mind and soul. The greatest commandment Matthew 22:37. K.J. He wants us to

love his son jesus and people; The book of 1 john 2 john 3 john, jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of god, is a good scripture. Also don’t forget to read the sunday school lesson,

and read the ten commandments. By doing this we’re including god in our lives. Jesus

Christ our savior and salvation-john 3:16 K.J. Somewhere in romans says that

jesus Christ is lord. In matthew  or somewhere in the gospels it says god is lord too.

Enjoy the haiku poem everyone.  The End.  By: Meshelle BrownHaiku Poem