Be Willing Be Good in 2017

A New Year of 2017 has begun and every year that you live, can have many different areas, and circumstances of how you are to live day by day; and require you to act a good way each minute of each day Luke 2:14c. Kjv. bible says “good will toward men.” We need to be willing everyday to be good to others of who we see or come into contact with; telling strangers to have a good or nice day. Telling your brothers and sisters in Christ to have a blessed day; you can also say this to strangers too. Have a good willing attitude all the time; don’t fuss with anyone, don’t be hateful, mean or spiteful, Romans 12:21 Kjv. Bible says “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” So where’ever place we are always be good and do good in all the places you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you ever can do all the good you can. A man by the last name of Wesley wrote this and made a hymn out of it. I call this a model hymn of instruction of helping people to have a good attitude to be,do,live, good here on god’s earth and within god’s world in all places and all of the time.Brothers and sisters in Christ, and all indiviuals be willing at the beginning of this year and to the end of this year to live by the Wesley model hymn of goodness and god’s holy word. In the back of bibles is a concordance look up the word good and it has many scripture listings that help you to learn about how important the word ‘good’ really is in the bible and how god’s holy word helps individuals to change that are evil people who have evil attitudes, evil ways, who are so bad, mean, backbiting, spiteful, stubborn, hateful, abusive people. So they can become good individuals. So people of God’s earth “Be Willing be good” in 2017, and begin with being good to a family member or friend, or neighbor or stranger and by always being good you are blessing others and God himself, and yourself. The Good God of heaven, in the good kingdom is blessed all the way around. The End.


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