Poetry Prompt Oct 22nd Squirrel


Now in the front yard one autumn afternoon

Leaves laying everywhere a leafy’ strewn

Is one squirrel standin’ underneath a tree

Then climbing fast within a chestnut tree

Thus’ going from branch to branch quick

Chestnuts lays thence all over the ground

Babby squirrel nibbling on a nut it found

Within the neighbor’s yard from next door

And upon gods tender warm day to adore

Nine black birds and babies are astanding

Within the back yard walking and looking

And baby squirrel’s tummy is full of nuts

Sets in tree sees them chestnuts

The people under tree pickin’ up chestnuts

None will be ‘over looked nor shall forget

Picking em’ and dropping em’ into bucket

Now proud to have a nutless clean ground

Of this very same time’ all the year round

By: Meshelle Brown


Autumn afternoon from “AUTUMN AND WINTER’.


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