Inspiration Call-October 23rd A Brisk Wind

Autumn Explosion

An ‘autumn explosion arrived with leaves

Which ‘covereth the front also back yards

Five trees are still half-way full of leaves

Thence’ more leaves will fall in the yards

Until there is no more leaves in the trees

Their changing from leafy to barren’ trees

Hillish’ bank topped in pretty purple thrift

Miniature lavender flowers’ lord god’s gift

The big’ large red leaves mostly shine out

Fromal the yella’ leaves around also about

Leaves alain’ over dim green grass on top

All rabbits in posterior’ yard enjoy hip-hop

In fallen leaves of god’s dew-filled ground

Squirrels pick-up eat pecans on wet ground

Thus’ the yards are full of nuts also leaves

The ground tis loaded in millions of leaves

Three to four colors sometimes more color

Alas’ evermore just one single fitting color

As northwinds blow shaking the trees bare

Causing a autumn explosion grounds’ ware

By:  Meshelle  Brown

The poem does mention the word wind in it.


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