I believe in god

Even when he is silent

God created me

God is silent to a lot of people in the world but that doesn’t mean they don’t believe

in him. I’ve went to god’s church since I was a little baby and up to half a century.

Include god in your life by praying, and reading your bible, read religious magazines

from your local church, buy books from a Christian book store to read. buy and listen

to gospel, contemporary gospel music, bible teachings, preaching from your local

church, buy t-shirts from your local church with Christian sayings on them. The most

inexpensive ways to believe in god would be tell him in prayer and read his holy word;

and watch religious channels on television. And stick to buying preaching CD’s from

your local church, their not much.  I believe in god and believe he created me and I believe

in him even when he is silent; like what the haiku poem says above. Another inexpensive

way to find books about god is thrift stores and yard sales. But also believe in god when

he isn’t silent too, when he speaks to you, there’s scripture in his holy word that tells

how he spoke to people in bible days. The Pentecostal churches know when god speaks

to them; The other churches do too. Not only believe in god; but love god with all your

heart mind and soul. The greatest commandment Matthew 22:37. K.J. He wants us to

love his son jesus and people; The book of 1 john 2 john 3 john, jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of god, is a good scripture. Also don’t forget to read the sunday school lesson,

and read the ten commandments. By doing this we’re including god in our lives. Jesus

Christ our savior and salvation-john 3:16 K.J. Somewhere in romans says that

jesus Christ is lord. In matthew  or somewhere in the gospels it says god is lord too.

Enjoy the haiku poem everyone.  The End.  By: Meshelle BrownHaiku Poem






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