Favorite Family Pet

I’ve had lots of pets when I was a child. At eight years old my big sister bought

me a green parakeet and I let her name it. Jean says “how about tweet” I said

“ok.” I didn’t have it but one year it died in it’s cage. I was sad, jean went and

bought me another one and I named it the same name as the first one “tweet”.

It died in about a year and a half. So jean bought me another one and I named

it “tweet” it died. Finally I said “jean I don’t want anymore parakeets they all

died so I figure the next one will die too. When I was about 6 or 7 years old my

mother and sister both bought me gold fish. I barely remember this and don’t

remember all of their names except only one. The black goldfish was named

moly. I remember mother checking on the gold fish and she looked and said

oh meshelle molly has died. Anyway  I also had a brown dog named “sugar”

I think it was jean’s dog and had died when I was six years old, out in the white

shed behind the house. I was too little at the time to know to be sad. I remem-

ber seeing mother cry about it. When I was 10 or 11 years old my next door

neighbor named Ashley got a real pretty black and white puppy. At first they

named it midnight then changed the name to muffin. In a few years ashley’s

dad became a preacher and so they had to move to Nashville Tennessee where

he was going to pastor a church, they couldn’t take muffin with them. So they

had to leave him behind. Ashley cries and says to me “take good care of muffin”

for me.” and I told her I said “I will”. So this is my favorite pet “muffin” I had

know him since I was 10 or 11. me and my family we dearly loved muffin. Though

he died when I was 20 and a half years old. I never did get another dog like him.

And right now where I live there is no fenced in back yard to put another dog in;

But muffin I had known since I was a child and grew up and was almost 21 years

old when he died. He died at the vets; we went and got him to bury him in the

back yard which is where he is till this day. I have pictures of muffin to remember

him by and that’s all. He was a very precious dog to me; I thank god for him and

my neighbor Ashley, who I still keep in touch with to this very day.

The End.


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