Title: Tomorrow is Tuesday

     Tomorrow is Tuesday August 23, 2016; The national Cuban Sandwhich day.

I just came home from “Publix Grocery Store” With some breakfast bread and

White Mountain Bread. White mountain bread you can create any kind of sand which

with it; and some or few sandwhiches with breakfast bread. I plan to use this bread

to enjoy eating sandwhiches. Like Peanut butter and jelly with breakfast bread; and

chicken sandwhich with white mountain bread. I don’t have any Cuban bread so therefore

I won’t be eating a Cuban sandwhich tomorrow but, at least I will enjoy eating a sand-

which of some kind. So Sandwhich day I will celebrate tomorrow; to me it will be chicken

mountain sandwhich day for one meal, and peanut butter breakfast day for one meal

and I don’t know yet about supper; I haven’t decided.  God made the days of the week

and the seventh day was a day of rest. God’s word tells us this in the book of genesis.

God made seven days and all the days after it even here in the present. But rest assure

there is bread that we can enjoy eating and many different kinds Bread, dessert bread,

Cuban bread, pumpernickel bread, banana bread, e.t.c. Just as there was bread during

the times of the bible and that they also cooked, like leaven bread. There’s also leaven

bread recipe’s you can try in which to cook leaven bread to eat it now in  the present day

united states of America. Well Happy Cuban Sandwhich Day to you all.

The End



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