Pubished Poetry Book

Title: Autumn And Winter By Meshelle Brown

Autumn Is Prettiest

Autumn is prettiest because of them trees

Astanding into exterior and posterior yards

Those tall plush blazing also flaming trees

Surely does beautify the whole entire yard

Withal their leaves laying upon the ground

Looking ever so lovely all yards in bound

Autumn is prettiest upon face of mountain

Blazin flaming trees are all over mountain

Which is looking ‘truly beautiful from afar

Cause god brought old ‘fallen autumn ajar

Various colors’prettier than shade of green

Though beautiful as a flurried ivorial scene

Autumn ’tis prettiest with flamed leaf hills

Fromal’ distance it’s a splendid cutest spill

The pretty painted yards in along the street

Looketh dazzling all over a real scenic treat

Autumn is pretty hence totaled on all earth

The nature trail often fillst of golden mirth

Multiple color over one hue looks the best

God gave autumn and it looks the prettiest.

By: Meshelle Brown



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