Daily Prompt: Carry

via Daily Prompt: Carry

Carry the canned vegetables to the storage building and set them on the shelves out there.

Mother would say to me; and so I did. She would have daddy to pick the vegetables out of

the garden to bring to her. Where she would wash and slice them and cook them to put

into mason jars. She did this every year until the shelves were full and wasn’t room for

any more and during the seasons of winter we would have home canned food to enjoy.

Vegetable soup with hamburger meat and ocra, was delicious. the blackburry and grape jams, the apple butter was very good. She would also can field peas and butter beans, I didn’t particularly like them but she canned them for the rest of the family who did.


Every year mom would say carry these foods to the storage building and I would. She worked hard on canning all that food, sometimes she would ask some of her friends

to help her. And my efforts of carrying the canned food to the storage building would result with their being another place of where to set them to store them when the house was full. Then you just simply walk out there to get it and bring it in to open it and to

eat. Mother also canned corn, yellow squash, tomatoes, okra. All of these were

good. The storage building had just been built with shelves on the wall, a sink,

a refrigerator, a white cabinet, a round table would set in it. The storage building ove course set in the back yard; the outside was made of wood and painted white. So the

canned vegetables that I carried to the storage building; was a good and descent place

to carry them to.  So carry the vegetables was my job I did for mother to help her out

and she was gracious and sweet to do this for her family, her husband and children.

The End


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