Daily Prompt: Obsessed

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed

Obsessed with spending too much money

Say you set your grocery budget for one hundred twenty five dollars, your at the store

you got your list and your crossing items off after you lay them in your buggy, your looking

at the calculator constantly  punching in the amounts of the grocery items after you cross

them off of your list, your trying to decide which brand, size, and price of what to get.

Some brands are more expensive than other brands,  the largest size cost the most. It’s

like your in a constant delima of what to pick to put in your buggy, your also looking

at your list and calculator and you notice 125.00 dollars doesn’t cover everything on your

grocery list that you have made out on the list so to keep from going over your budget

you have to just not buy everything that is on your list, you save it and keep it for

next month or see if you have money left over to finish getting it and still see if you

have money left over still from that. Going over the the set grocery limit is obsessive

especially if you run out of money after you have paid your monthly expenses and

credit card and groceries all. But if your able to at least keep some money in there

and your checking account doesn’t have a $0.00 balance then your doing pretty

good. It’s important to keep or have a little money left so your checking account

doesn’t close. Obsessed  with spending too much money results with a overdrawn

checking account and not having enough to get you by for the rest of the month.

You think don’t buy the most expensive brand, don’t buy the biggest size, stop

when you see the calculator say $125.00 dollars; which does include the sales tax

added in that you’ve added in yourself on your calculator. Then it’s time to go pay

for it at the check out.  It’s time to realize to be wise and not foolish as what god’s

holy word says. It talks in his word about being wise and not foolish. You can find

it in proverbs and psalms e.t.c.  God is proud of his children (i.e. brother’s and sister’s

in Christ our savior) when we choose to be a wise people and not obsessive people.

The End

By: Meshelle Brown





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